Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 2010 Gist: A New To-Do List

To me, this isn’t just the flipping of another calendar year. It’s a landmark event. With The New Year comes a New Decade and with every decade we see actions and attitudes that define its generations.

A decade will host at least two Presidents. In a decade, you will be grown up and moved out, possibly married and a parent of your own. In 10 years, our planet’s population will be almost double what it is now while the possibility of losing your own parents are even greater. The food demand will almost-certainly still be supplied by a military-industrialized system while our armed forces will either be assisting and rebuilding the world or adding more fuel to the fire. No matter what age group or demographic you’re in, 2010 is now and you are its generation.

Today I made a list of the things I’m passionate about that I am committing myself to in the coming decade. As I began the writing exercise, a sickness stirred up inside. Both my stomach and head dizzy as I think about how grand a task I am setting myself up for. Somehow I fear our heavy handed human horded world is beyond a certain tipping point, that our industrialized ways, those that require every last drop of bloody-oil to stay afloat, to stay fed, to stay warm, have pimped our population to such great heights that we couldn’t afford to stop the machine now. The thought of all the imbalance caused in the last century makes me to want to withdraw from any and all ways of participation in a modern world, vowing to never have kids, eating only concentrated astronaut food while surfing my numbered days away with fins crossed hoping that our coastlines don’t become too polluted before I do. Even being on the Internet, sucking up energy from the grid is no longer a turn-on. It’s a luxury I don’t feel I deserve. Even though my home operates on an array of Solar Panels, my participation online invites people to recharge, log in, and potentially ignore their own environment, sitting hunched over, morphing into a creature dependant on software updates. I just talking about myself now.

This is why I prefer to use Blogging, Twittering, and Performing as a place to continue any kind of “Conscious Conversation.” This is why I love SuperForest.Org and Ted.Com. This is why I raise my hand to play Farm-Aid, to Support Equality for All, to fight for legalization of natural herbs and alternative medicine, to sit at the feet of Gurus, my elders and peers, and learn whatever I can. If life is my college then blogs are my homework assignments. The Internet becomes the safeguard of my reputation. By sharing my hopes, dreams and ambitions, I’m more likely to walk whatever I talk. And if I inspire one person in the process, perhaps that person will continue the conversation, even starting a blog of their own to back their word, and so on. And feeling like there’s others buzzing out there in the world, I sleep better knowing our species is indeed awake.

The resolutions or missions I’m committing to may read like conspiracy theories and I apologize in advance for typing so excitedly. So in an effort to peacefully and powerfully inspire anyone, I’m breaking the list up and making it my topic of blogs for the remainder of the week, counting down to New Years Day. Please check back daily, lending your eyes, ears, and open mind to a loving transformation of our beautiful life on Earth. This is the only home we have and these are its only moments. I do believe in the power of possibility.

Top 5 Conversations Worthy of My Commitment in 2010

# 5: Buy Local or Die: I Will Support Natural & Organic Food Sources

Did you know that processing one pound of meat requires 5000 gallons of water? Did you know that 1 cow used to produce fast food and grocery store ground beef requires 35 gallons of oil (1 barrel) to support it’s force–fed life? Did you know that cows are natural herbivores (grass grazers) and are force fed corn feed, cow parts and other animal bi-products to speed up the process to where they are fat enough to be slaughtered? Did you know that for a cow to not die in this process, a cow that sleeps in its own manure, is pumped full of antibiotics and other drugs to stay “healthy?” The chemical waste of a cow is no longer suitable as fertilizer as it would kill the plants. Cow piss is toxic and of course floats downstream throughout the food chain in all forms, one way or another, to us. When you buy this meat, you are supporting a Military’s action for oil in the Middle East. You are supporting pharmaceutical companies as well as the unethical and environmentally hazardous treatment of the only home we have. Buying quick and easy meat is like biting the hand that feeds you. Modern industrial agri-business is THE #1 contributor to the dying world.

It doesn’t just stop in the beef business. Every kind of processed food that comes from a factory farm is a derivative of genetically modified corn – the growing and manufacturing of which destroys soils, covering ground with chemical fertilizers made up of ammunition seeping downward, polluting the water table, or evaporating into the air causing acid rain and adding more heavy metals to the overheated global climate crisis.

Pretty much all of the food not found in the produce section of a grocery store has no nutritional value. You’d be better off eating cardboard. Even our non-organic produce puts up with a lot of bad juju before it ever leaves the farm. This is why I choose to live on raw, organic, live or concentrated foods (powdered foods i.e. from Healthforce Nutritionals and Sunrider Brands.) Even farmed fish are forced to eat corn and are also pumped full of medicine to ensure it survives the journey (somewhat) to your dinner plate.

There is another story here about the kind of dinnerware we use. Are you using Styrofoam or Plastic Plates and Cups? Because only the most arrogant of Kings would use synthetic table settings just once before throwing them away. The more we use them, the less safe our soil and seas are as these materials fail to biodegrade adding, yep, more toxic uh-oh to our ground, river, and drinking water.

Last centuries’ ideas for efficiency (created to keep companies like McDonalds and our Military thriving) have screwed farmers and only fattened the now cancer haunted consumer. In the new decade ahead, we either boldly adopt new practices or bravely continue down the path to forgive and forget and hope that what we eat doesn’t kill us.

In addition to raising your voice about global health and environmental concerns, YOU CAN VOTE WITH YOUR FORK. The way we consume WILL dictate where and how our food is grown. Our role can be the greatest in the food chain if we pause and say a blessing once in a while, acknowledging the food itself and those who grew it, packaged and delivered it, making it safe and possible for you to eat.

If we all shifted our attention back to grass-fed meat, we would be supporting farms that participate in a natural turning of land, from sunlight to grass, grass to proteins, protein to fertilizer, rinse and repeat. Not to mention, we would be treating our divine bodies better.

Buying organic produce makes a powerful statement about how you prefer your food grown - by people, without the use of chemicals. The Best Fertilizer is a Farmer’s Footsteps. And the best place to stock your kitchen is your local Farmers Market where you can actually talk to the farmer and his wife.

This Year I Resolve to Buy Local, to Buy Organic, and to lend my voice and practices to the Family Farmers who need us.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Glow With the Flow

Friday, March 13, 2009


Yes, yes, yes ppl, update..

Well how am I suppose to update when I dun have time
And I dun have anything to share?
Well, Of course there is things to share,
Is just too much words to be put in one picture sometimes..
Will try my best k? So sorry readers and ppl..

Well.. Of course 1stly you ppl,
Readers and frens make me wanna write more about
myself and things that is happening around me..
Although I'm not that good in words or a poetic poetrist..
Drop some comment sometimes..
Yeah.. Thank You all.. =' )



Was suppose to go to Singapore, to attend/join a competition, but end up, NO OUTSIDERS ALLOWED IN THIS COMPETITION. BY GOVERNMENT OF SINGAPORE..


That was like all plan and is all so last min canceled..
But that didn't stop us from going there..
Will be leaving here around noon to Singapore to shop around,
Meet some Dancers,
Dance around, ds
Live the life of a Street Dancer..


Well.. In a studio,
There are alot of things that would happen
and has already happen..

Ups and downs in life are well expected..

But sometimes I just don't understand..

When is improvement not enough?
When does training time and what type of dance are we doing is a concern?

Remember ppl,

Wisdom ALWAYS lies in the heart of those who have understanding..

So, pls wake up,
Understand that being better than what you are now is important, do not wasted anymore time.. Push yourself and you know it well, we are getting there..

Is about time to Invert..

Ivs- TomzBlurz

Monday, February 09, 2009


Well.. Today, I had an open hse.. Time pass and i was thinking.. I'm feeling sad..

Things pass so fast and it feels like is wasted..


Another competition passed..
And.. When am I.. Oh sorry, is when are we going to get out there to show ourselves?
We are ready, we are ready to get out.. But..
But, the crew is not ready..


I pray and I hope that we are going to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready to get out there to bring up the name..
To share, tell and explain the true meaning of Inversion.......

Ivs- Thomaz

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

True Friend

Don't have to hide who I really am
I'm safe with you and I'm willing to share
That you make me smile, you make me laugh
These are somethings that shows me you care

When you talk, you look me straight in the eye
Your words are comforting, sincere, and true
You know what you want and you'll take the risk
To achieve greater heights, I support you

I know you'll lend me your shoulder to cry
When things are down and no one's around
You hold my hand and help me understand
A true friend indeed, I have found

We rise to triumph, we may fall astray
Materials and wealth can be taken away
But there are people who sticks with you through it all
You can't put a price, that's what friends are for

I truly appreciate who you are
My dear friend, our friendship goes far
No matter what happens, whatever may be
You'll be written in my life's story

I pray that God will keep you safe
And give you strength throughout to day
Walk with the lord, remember to pray
We'll meet in near future, somehow, someday

This Poem is written by a very special friend that left to Australia on 31th Jan 2009..
Charity is the name of the dearest friend..
When your gone, things haven't been bad..
You're starting a new life there, and I'll continue mine here..

Well.. You know what happen on the 31th of Jan..
No need me to say more about what happen..

Long story short.. The whole January is been the best time I ever had,
but 31th of Jan things has change..

Will update more soon..

Regards- Ivs Thomaz


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well well.. update up date.. so sorry ppl, was kinda busy... = p

Hmm.. ok...

There's something new, I'm taking up Salsa.. Haha..

Well.. Salsa is not bad at all.. is kinda of stiff but is hard to control..

There is one dream i had before this..
I wanted to learn every single dance that I could be able to learn before My Life ends.
So now i move on, there i got my self a new Girlfren, Salsa.. haha..

Hmm.. The amount of dance I know now has



Haha.. That was lame.. so yeah.. now I have 7Girlfrens wow.. well done .. =.=""
Hmm.. Frankly, nothing keeps me happy other that dancing, God gave me a talent, a life born talent, to enjoy dancing, and I'm going to use tat well...

A great thanks to a few ppl tat inspired me and keep me moving..

My Family
My Most Beautiful Mum
My Most Handsome Dad
My Greatest Grandparents

My Frens

Charity (Really glad to see you and hope to dance with you again)
Mabel (Don't you ever worry, cause i'll never give up anymore)
(You work hard, I will work harder than you bro)
Hahn (Thx for the support My Parther in Dance)
Ling (SalsaJay) (Yeah, I know crown the girl)
Emson (Hope to see you in 2009 and our battle you promise)
Yean (No worries, I'll try to sigh less)
Miki (I'll work hard enough that you can see me on air soon)
And alot more other frens (Sry if i didn't mention your name)

Thanks alot guys.. You guys are the best..

Regards- Thomaz a.k.a B-Boy Blur/T Wave


Monday, September 29, 2008

Story Game Season 3 (Its Getting Lame)

Pretty Boy is fake but not tat person he lies, in real he was pretty boy! He started beating those guys prettier than TY!! but he didn't do any girls! Ty than called nao to F*** Off but she didn't cz she believe tat all fakers deserve worse than it. But PB cannot be putting on yuyue's bra! TY got kick and he cried pails worth of tears and flooded all over kuala lumpur and PJ plus Selangor.Later on the tear was announce best in JB and some say singapure la!! Ty say dun pray pray ar!! Then thomaz say "Eh brater i watching movie ar!! Many people looking at me!! Aiyo! scared wat?!! I TAIKO maaa!!

Then BeBee called ty and scolded for being irresponsible towards christina by keeping her away from her home!!But he didn't admit cz he trying to finish dancing only think :o . He didn't care to think of her and was continue doing his work. Poor christina too much sweat already! Until smelly.. TY then buy perfume, but armpit too hot! So didn't wear shirt and walk home to give thomas his cat.

But on mini cooper,TY drive in and order McDonalds but christina emo with TY cause eat chocolate without giving anyone. PB also wanted but TY didn't bring to PD. Yuyue ended christina's cry because TY hugged UU and PB hugged christina got emo cz bulat didn't turn right into the longkang, so ended up jumping out of PB's pocket! TY ended up broke so yuyue plan change KC into something like PB! however wrong thoughts to others and to himself.

Story Game Season 2 (Is Getting Better)

Christina's Camera snap picture of PB and decided to post up but KC scolded... NO way because his spiderman jumped onto him and grabbed yuyue but ian terkiss her, yuyue started spamming KC's ass and kianfai passed by yuyue crossed the gate of doom 2. Here comes Davidtcf with his new britney look that makes people vomit till the sky drops.

Davidtcf than KC to come over Penang Bridge and wait christina come pick them and throw them onto the SEA to feed BBS! And ian help BBS lick every where he can to make himself satisfied. They got tired so and slept together gether at ian's favourite mamak that provides ais kosong kurang manis but Tomblurz kind off blur so drank it and complained tak ada gula lar! TY came and slapped thomas fac.

thomas cry and yuyue follow him go find his mother with a hand full of david's transformers that crash becoz bbs eat ice-cream stolen from bulat's house but bulat's parent didn't like it. Bulat chase TY and tickle him but he drop down laughing without sound. he started getting nausea and vomited on kianfai. kianfai wiped yuyue car.

naoty got blur and bang by car but the got damage and ty died! But he revive back and found himself in hospital bed cover in yuyue house, TY cried for KC to helpbuy chocolate so tat KC can eat chocolate everywhere without TY eating any of it. Then TY cried louder becoz he too sad no chocolate but bulat gave him her goldfish pet to eat him up and pee on his house, without warning he shouted at thomas BLUR BOY! thomaz didn't :smack: the com but he jump across yueyue till he fell on the floor, sad, then ian quickly pick bulat to buy ice-cream but she ended up choking Yuyue!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is a story game forward from our forum.. check it out..


Tomzblur came with naoty but he is busy with scratching his tits, and kianfai helped. Then tomzblur love to eat a lot. But he starting to feel full of himself. then kianfai kentut so kuat until christina flew far away till bebee slapped tomzblur's face for being in the wrong place at syed mamak and christine scream for police cz kianfai broke his own little small bulat's ice-cream and it was flavour with lots of Rambutan and hairy like cactus and bushy like Naoty's key chain. But he didn't stop, so police sayang and police benci started to run around act like kucing gatal and scream and say 'MORE! MORE, Hit me! Yea BabY! then police kena marah and scold kianfai for screw people with lighter and cigar specially imported from DUBAI but custom made with lots of cili padi.

Yuyue wanted the cigar but Bulat eat it. She couldn't because Ian farted it. Later Ian go and poke kian fai and grab his cigar. Kian fai say HELP! Yuyue become supergirl and shouted 'BANKAI! but it backfired on Kian Fai but he cant hear because supergirl put banana in his little TUTU.

After that, Christina and kianfai hold yuyue's cigar and shouted 'BBS!!!!!!!!!!' so they all explode the banana with super lantern. Yue yue took tomzblur's TYTN and chucked into naoty's blogspot but it jump to yueyue's shirt and got eaten by kianfai.. kianfai's stomach bloated up and explode with rats crawling out. Yuyue and christina run to naoty. this cause him to run for his life! NAOTY shouted "PUPPY POWER!!!!"

naoty turn and yuyue powerfully farted onto Christina until faint! Christina immediately took out her precious but cheap fingers to cover her nose but, the Camera ate her piece of fingernail skin inside out.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Somethings has been really wrong,

Things that i've done before..

But now,

Well you want it.. Fine!!

I take it and respect it..



Help me to change everything,
Forget everything that happen before pls..
I really regret for doing everything,
Give me a brand new start pls!! Help Me, Thanks!!


14 August 2008,


My Freaking birthday is coming man..

Wat to do,

Wat to do,

13 more dayz!!

So many things i haven't achieve..


So what man, birthday sucks to me anyways.. always the same thing.. every same thing happen in august,

The bad stuff..

Always happen in august!!



Well, well, well..


I'm very sry to disappoint everyone of you,


Is now coming back on track,

Heartless but the love and passion is always there for DANCING!!


-Life -FUCKING- Go On Man-


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Take A Bow

How bout a round of applause? Standin ovation...

Ooooh Yeah yeah yeah yeah
You look so dumb right now
Standin' outside my house
Tryin' to apologize
You're so ugly when you cry (Please)
Just cut it out

Don't tell me you're sorry cuz you're not
Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught

But you put on quite a show
You really had me goin'
But now it's time to go
Curtains finally closin'
That was quite a show
Very entertainin'
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow

Grab your clothes and get gone (You better hurry up)
Before the sprinklers come on
Talkin' bout "Girl, I love you you're the one..."
This just looks like a re-run (Please)
What else is on?

And don't tell me you're sorry cuz you're not
Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught
But you put on quite a show
You really had me goin'
But now it's time to go
Curtains finally closin'
That was quite a show
Very entertainin'
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow

And the award for the best liar goes to you
For makin' me believe
That you could be Faithful to me
Let's hear your speech oh...

How bout a round of applause? Standin' ovation...

But you put on quite a show
You really had me goin'
But now it's time to go
Curtains finally closin'
That was quite a show
Very entertainin'
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow

But it's over now...

What else do I have to say?
Just let it go cause is over now..


-Life Goes On-

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Well, it just pass..



Same thing happen everyday,




Oh there is somehting new,

I dislocated my right hand again, now is relocated back,

That means i lost most of my skills again!!

I've been losing focus lately..

Need to get back on track!!

Come On Thomaz, wake up from wat your doin and feeling now, wake up and get back on track!!


-Life Goes On-

Friday, August 08, 2008

Letting It Go....

Letting go something or someone you love the most is very very hard..



You guess it right!!

I let someone go.. Sigh!!!
Its been so sad and angry at myself for the pass one week just to think about wat to do is best..

Will guess shes not the right Prince I guess..
Its always not the right one..

How i really hope something or someone I love would understand how I feel..

Sighh... dunno what to say.. but just gotto live life on and persue my dreams..

The Greatest Distance Divides Us,
Not Because You Are Oblivious To My Love,
When I Stand In Front Of You;

But Because We Love Each Other,
Knowing Fate Will Forever Keep Us Apart.. - Tomz-


-Life Goes On-

Thursday, July 31, 2008



29th July 2008

I've lost 2 phones.. But got my 017 back!!


30th July 2008

The one I love told me to stop loving,
Shot me with hurting words,
And I've A Broken Heart!!

31th July 2008

Posting this Feelings out..

A great smile that have just ended by a drop of sad potion..

Just like a small river running down a big waterfall..

No matter who I love, is still the same..

Heart Broken,
Just like a very sharp knife that slice through a peach..

Afraid to drop in to the same hole again..


Just like a heartless man moving on with out emotion......


-Life Goes On-

Monday, July 28, 2008


Hmm.. Today is a very thoughtful day.

Love Love Love and Love..

Today just when out with Prince, was really happy.. Long story short, I'm now facing my com. and think,

Is an important factor in physical and emotional intimate relationships. Though the term is notoriously difficult to define, any thoughtful inquiry into the subject will show it to be qualitatively, not only quantitatively, different than liking, and the difference is not merely in the presence or absence of sexual attraction

According to one analysis, love in relationships is divided into two types: passionate and companionate. Passionate love is intense longing, and is often accompanied by physiological arousal (shortness of breath, rapid heart rate).

Companionate Love is affection and a feeling of intimacy and is not necessarily accompanied by physiological arousal.

People that are in an intimate relationship with one another are often called a couple, especially if the members of that couple have ascribed some degree of permanency to their relationship.

Such couples often provide the emotional security that is necessary for them to accomplish other tasks, particularly forms of labor/work.

My good friend once told me "Maybe you're facing with some right now. All I want to say is everyone has his or her problems, We're just human beings,
not everything is perfect."

So i shut my mind and stop thinking...

and sigh.. Maybe is not the right this to love.. I just over analise stuff too much.

Well.. that all i feel like sharing.. Good day..

**Couple That Work Together, Lurk Together**


-Life (Sigh) HAS To Go On-

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Love represents a range of human emotion and experiences related to the senses of affection and sexual attraction The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic plesure to intense interpersonal attraction. This diversity of meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, even compared to other emotional states.

As an abstract concept love usually refers to a strong, ineffable feeling towards another person. Even this limited conception of love, however, encompasses a wealth of different feelings, from the passionate desire and intimacy of romatic love to the nonsexual. Love in its various forms acts as a major facilitator of interpersonal relationship and, owing to its central psychological importance, is one of the most common themes in the Creative Arts.

MiX FeElInGs!

= / = \


Mix Feelings..

Dunno why..

Love to think alot but as well hate it..

Just too much on my mind..

Well.. I'm sry Prince, just remember tat I won't give up so easily.. I'm a man to my words..


So Tired..

Today when to eat crab.. Haha.. That's right after training.. Hmm.. Tired Tired Tired.. Miss u Prince.. Hmm... Love Love Love.. So hard and Sometimes unexplainable.. But anyway Prince.. I'll always be there if i could, always love you.. Well I'm not omnipresent right? You gotta work well for ur future, me too.. So work hard together ya.. I know we need more time as friends.. I always understand that.. = )

Well thats all for today..

**Even after all this time

The sun never says to the earth "you owe me".

Look what happens with a Love like that!

- It lights the whole Sky


-Live Goes On-

Friday, July 25, 2008

House Style Baby!

Well everyday is also the usual thing happening,

But as for today,

I get to see my Prince!! Haha (sound so gay man)

Hmm.. Darn happy.. = )

Feels like all my worries is gone when Shes around..

Hmmm.. But I'm Damn Tired though!!

Well today is not that simple,

today get to learn more about House Style...

House is not a new type of dance, but instead House contain lots of history back then too.. House is a type of dance tat is espressable, with Feelings and also, as well as Funky!! House Style contain alot of Footwork, Jackings, Stomping and many more.. Its a easy but as well hard dance if you don't like or not be able to dance that well..

Well thats all I know about House though.. = ) Cheerz!!

**Do To Others As You Want Others To Do To You**


-Life Goes On-

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun + Tired + Sad = Futisad


Hmmm... Today was really nice being at class.. Got my Art Markers!! My Design are now better in view of Looks, Structure, Fashion touch and of course the whole Model.. But the whole day only drew 6 piece, but its all base on hardwork though.. When back home and did 15 more piece.. X P


Well, right after doin 15 piece your eyes won't feel so well especially when you just finish dance training!! Damn!! Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance..... Damn It just can't seem to stop!! Just love it!! = )


Sigh... I'm so Sorry my Dear Prince That I can't call you, my Digi line didn't have creait at all.. But I promise I'll call you the next time k? So so sorry.. Don't be angry and sad k? Remember to Smile!! = ) Miss ya..

Todays new phrase is;

Learn To Understand, As You Want To Be Understood!!


-Life Goes On-

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tired + Headache = Super TirAche**


This morning woke up at 8.30.. Well, waking up at tat time is consider late compared to others but with 3 hours of sleep? Is Hell no enough man!!
My Beautiful Adorable but Sorrow Eyes was so heavy, can't aford to look down at all..
Whenever I look down, I go ZZZZzzz... Hmmm... But still have to go college..

Draw Design Draw Design draw design draw desi...... Wait.. Is not going to till lunch time... YAY, Luch time.. Haha..
Makan time man.. Todays feast was the legend Mr Chicken, KFC!!! Yum yum!!

Then after that I when for a short walk with my classmate Jeff.. When to some local designers shop to check out some cloths..

Look look..

Look look..

Ah Ha!!

Spot 1!!!

This one is Sweet man.. It cost RM !@#.*#.. opss.. I meant RM 132.00.. just a Shirt and a built in Vest but of course, with Fashion Touch... (When I Bought It Only You See LA!!) Haha..

Hmmm.. After College when to meet my Dearest close Fren Prince (Is a Adorable, and of course beautiful girl k? I'm not Gay!!) Prince pick me up to come and get some stuff.. Then we spend some time together.. Was really really happy.. Happiest Day.. Hope Prince is glad relax, calm, chilled too.. = )


Wait thats not all..

Today sure gotto teach class le.. But didn't know that I can't do much.. so when i stretch.. OUCH!!!! My hamspring hurts... Okok.. No Air freeze, Chair freeze, power moves, just Top Rock will do... Hmm...
After teaching still need to train to be strong er so just did some Handstand pumping Hand walks and stuff.. Little but sweat alot.. haha..

Hmm.. Tired...

When home right after that.. took a nice chilled but warm bath.. so comfortable after that.. nice.. COZY!! Haha...

Right after that I switch on my com and EHH!!!


OH ya.. I forgot I'm Typing these.. Haha..
Good Day...

I learn something today...

**Men Can Never Understand Women, Just Love Them!!** Cheerz!


-Life Goes On-

Monday, July 21, 2008


Nose bleeding..


Funny thing...

I thought I was A numb Guy..

But didn't noe tat I wasn't numb anymore..

.... I Bleed!! haha.. sweet..

Its because of you i'm not numb anymore..
Ever since the day I know you, ever since the day you came in to my very life of mine..

I know have a Heart,
A Heart that could Care,
Could Care for you,
And only you I'll ever Love...


-Life Goes On-
20th of July 2008

Today is a
Heart Breaking,
and also Tiring day..


Why Interesting day?

Well.. Interesting cause today I was at Sunway walking around with my Best and Closes Fren(Tats Why I'm Happy Too)..
Hmm.. Heard Mickey mouse music then when up to the highest floor the check out.. HAHA.. Guess wat I saw? Mickey Mouse? No la of course, but I saw 4 Cheerleader Dancing with a thick make up..
Is more like seeing 4 plastic girl dancing.. Funny but Wierd.. (Evil!!)

Why Happy?

Hmm.. Well, like I've said I when out with my best and close fren tat I love alot.. So was really happy.. Talk to her the Prince and hmm.. spend time together.. Haha, guess wat? I've learn a new word.. Killlll Yewww... ( Try it with a high and sharp pitch) Cute..

Why Heart Breaking?

Haha.. Well just painted the DJ Deck and is half way done at the studio.. but suddenly Bosses wife say boss draw until not really nice so decided Her and Me paint and redraw again.. Sweet!!!

Why Tiring?

Well.. Everyday I also tired one le.. So.. Is has no differents!! Still Have to train in order to improve!! Just love my job!!


Well.. Remember this..

Looks Fade, But Great Conversation Last Forever..


-Life Goes On-

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

-I'm asking-

You are so beautiful..
When the first time I see you, i fell you’re might be my kind of girl.

But I don’t know when?
When im thinking about you, the closer I get to you.
Your voices, smile, laugh, has been tattoed in my mind.
I never felt this way before, I think “I fallin deep with you”.
I don’t wanna be the man, “who waiting in vain on a carnival” and I don’t wanna be the man on the side.

Heaven help me…
I got an untitled felling now!!!
Please..please..make me whole!!!

I’ll grow old with you, so please put your head on my shoulder.
Help to sway away my uncomfortabe thing..

Please say yes...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

About this blog, on this topic, u might be having difficulty reading it.... i would like to appologize to this..
Why didn't i start this topic?
Why narroway not straightway?
Narroway, narroway...
The readers might think i spell it wrongly..
I noe, i noe, its narrow way... not narroway...

I got this title form this person's blog name samuel (thanks dude)...

Wat about 'his' narroway? the word NARROWay is his Band name.. haha..yup u heard tat right..
Just about this thing or word call 'LIFE'..... wat does it define?

In my big red OXFORD Dictionary say; STATE OF LIVING, the ability to breathe, grow, reproduce, etc. Which people, animal... animals?

Wat.. ohh.. haha.. wrong one, not this defination...


Okok i passed it..

My defination of 'LIFE' is -STORY OF LIFE- ..... although is not stated here but i'll make my own defination...

Okok... the word 'LIFE' to me is like a biography...

like a GAME being played by so creature name HUMANS... but in this GAME, there are no restarts, cause we are not the GAME makers... THE BIG MAN (God) IS!!! Scary right it? maybe its not to u.. but to me.. haha i damn scary.. i'm also sometimes affaird to play this game.. come on man!! NO RESTARTS!!! You like it? i don't think so.. we are all not PERFECT, only God is...

I hav lots of, lots of frens... but their are all different.. some are holy, some are not.. some are frenly, some are not, some are like me, many are not!! i'm sometimes very very sad to see some of my close, good(or so called good), love, hates frens falling back...

Now its like the world has come to an end.. Ppl start turning from their parents, their love ones.. Ppl in the world has became worse, gangster, players, and many more.... Many of my beloved frens has became this way... gone worse and worse....

Don't worry? Everyone has problems. That's just a fact of 'LIFE'. Whether it's facing rejection at school, losing a spot on the team, finding out your parent has change their attitude towards u, or being stressed out from too much work at school, our troubles are simply a matter of degree. Some people carry a heavier load than others. Considering this reality, it's no wonder tat people are anxious about their circumstances. It is easy to be overwhelmed by our problems, so me, as a Christian is important to remember Jesus' words to his ppl. He had been telling them every single time of their life... Jesus even said "don't be trouble," Easy to say, but hard to put into practise until we understand the rest of God msg. First, He explain this world is not all there is. There is a heaven, not only can we get to heaven, but God will take us there cause He has a way, and the way is JESUS.. = )

Jesus never sugarcoated LIFE. He never minimized the trouble and trials tat we face, then or now. Although u can't feel, see or smell him.. but, although u, readers are not christians, this guy jesus is just a fren... he is a fren to u when u are down, sad, danger, in need of help, or watever.. We can't see him, but he has left a hope, the hope that is found in faith through our hearts, love and Christ.
Next time you feel crushed under the burden of your problems, remember Jesus, ur new frens' word and his promise: " I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am."


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I looked at you,
I shed a tear,
Oh, how I wish you still were here.

Your sparkling smile,
Your loving face,
Your loss has left an empty space.

For now you are gone,
Gone till forever,
But someday, I know, we will be..

Together... Est

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Good morning, Life--and all
Things glad and beautiful.
My pockets nothing hold,
But he that owns the gold,

The Sun, is my great friend--
His spending has no end.
Hail to the morning sky,
Which bright clouds measure high;

Hail to you birds whose throats
Would number leaves by notes;
Hail to you shady bowers,
And you green field of flowers.

Hail to you women fair,
That make a show so rare
In cloth as white as milk--
Be't calico or silk:

Good morning, Life--and all
Things glad and beautiful.

[Feeling unappreciated] I'm feeling unappreciated . You takin' me and for granted. I don't konw why are u doin this, you know what is between right and wrong, WHAT THE RIP is going on with you... Its not only you, but others too[ you know who yourself are], if u wanna be rude, then fine, suit yourself.. But don't come ever talk to me ever again... I don't know how much more, I can take from you . You don't do the things you used to do. And I've been feeling, Feeling unappreciated!!!!! I help ppl and won't expect a return, but is just too far...

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I don't know why things has to be this way,
Is not like it happen today,

This is not a poem or a poetry,
But something to express myself lately,

Why must everyone has broken heart,
And why must I be the one suffering this all,

In this fine day,
But can't do as you may,

Life is a miracle,
But we still need an optical,

A broken heart,
is just like a broken soul,

But no 1 ever knows,
Why thing like this goes,

Just can't help to stop thinking,
Cause tat what is making me cracking,

But all I can say is this,
That you should never miss,

God is with us and victory is on ourside,
Don't worry about anything cause is all nonsense outside.
- LiFe -

You do not need to see your feet in order to walk,

You need only have faith that your feet are there.

The words you choose to tell the truth,

Are as important as the decision to be truthful.

So no matter the size of something now,

it began on something smaller...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

( Just a short passage about Friends)

Friendship is a promise spoken by heart..

It's not given by pledge..

It's not written on papers..

It's a promise renewed everytime we keep in touch..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

If you like a girl...

If you like a girl...
Leave her cute text messages.
Kiss her in front of your friends.
Trust her over everyone else.

Tell her she looks beautiful.
Look her in the eye when you talk to her.
Tell her stupid jokes to make her laugh.
Let her mess with your hair.

Mess with HER hair.
Just walk around with her.
Include her in most things you do.When she cries do whatever to make her smile.
Forgive her for her mistakes.

Look at her like she's the only girl you see.
Tickle her even if she says stop.
Hold her hand even when you are around your friends.
When she starts swearing at you tell her you love her.

Let her fall asleep in your arms.
Get her mad, then kiss her.
Tease her and let her tease you back.
Stay up with her all night when she's sick.

Watch her favorite movie.
Give her the world.

Let her know she is important.
Let her take all the photos of you whenever she wants.
Kiss her in the rain.
If u really love her, take care of her well.

Don't play with her heart, or feelings.
Make her feel special, and dun ever be like me,
To hurt ppl's feelings or to play her heart,
Or God will seriously punish you.

Listen to me my friends,
If you love a girl,
Love her whole heartedly.
Remember,When you really fall in love with her, tell her.And when you do tell her.. Love her like you never loved before...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Angel With the Rainbow Umbrella

Her soul called mine...
in a time caught in forever...
it was eternity defined...
our eyes locked in seemingly countless hours...
without words nor a whimper...
our hearts knew what to say...
doors opened then we understood...
love- the only thing existing between us...
in a next faster than a moment we held each other's hands...
erasing the past, rewriting the future...
with a mutual thought...
agreed in together...
but the gods became angry...
together is to exist in stolen time...
it was not to be hers, nor to be mine...
so the Angel with the rainbow umrella passed by...
my soul met her, then bade goodbye...

Friday, September 15, 2006

New Year Resolution
i guess no one believes in resolutions anymore... but i still. i still need to guide myself towards a better path this upcoming year. for last year i must say that i have not fullfilled all that i aimed for to change in myself. i find it troubling that rather than being changed for the better, i became closer to being worse and very far from the person i want to be. i pray for God's guidance since i am literally nothing without Him. If everything else fails, i know i still have Him. So... for the upcoming year 2006 these are what i have hoped to change.
passion - as i observed in the past, most of my failures rooted to loss of interest. Sad to say but i still don't know why or what it takes me to put my mind into something. Maybe the fact that my past is coming after me... i hope not.
cleanin out my closet - as i have said i became a worse person that i am since before. i lied, cheated, fooled everybody around me. i have kept secrets that i know would hurt everybody i know. i want to let "it" out, i just need the courage to do so.
take my commitments by the heart - all of my resolutions are indeed not taken by the heart. but i still like to make them anyway for me to see or analyze myself. truth is i cannot decipher myself sometimes. maybe i should start with this hmmm... = )
i only have two years for now because im still makin up for the resolutions for last year. i hope that my friends help me attain my goals. i'm really positive that this resolution will work out fine since i did not need to keep them by memory anymore.... Just looking forward to next year... a better year.. but by starting now......

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sunday Rain

It's sunday and i find myself succumbing to the pressure of slinging back to reality.

The sky is dark.

Really... i can't help myself. Te air is cool, the bed is warm. Can i stay? I'll buy you an ice cream tomorrow.

Soft dribbles of rain.

Picture drawn was slowly blurring... twisting... twirling... Hey where are you going?

Moist air touches my cheeks.

Dizzy... soo dizzy. I wake up with a start. Pausing to catch my breath. Slowly caressing my freezing skin.

The sound of thunder.

I rest my head on my pillows. Consuming in deep thought. Nostalgic... Deja vu?

Sharp pain in the middle of the chest.

Deep cut, like a glorious wound in a night's war. I feel weak. No... more like void.

That smile.

The last thing she left me with before stabbing me right at the heart.

Fully awake.

To the fact that my room was complete with her but is completely abandoned at her absence.


The truth. The inevitable. It's raining and my cheeks are wet with strange warmness. It is raining on a Sunday,while the sun is smiling on the barren sky outside.


One may say, to grasp something that is completely intangible, and think that it will stay there forever. Humans are empty vessels with the hunger to love and be loved.

Truly, the empty ones do no last.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How it is to Love

I used to be completely cruel and heartless,
Using frens, then tossing them aside.
I used to feel an angry, bitter hunger,
Not knowing why, nor looking much inside.

I used to think the goal in life is self pleasure,
My own, of course, whatever that might take.
A woman's feelings had to be her problem.
Self-sacrifice was always a mistake.

And so with just the slightest twinge of conscience,
I hunted for my lonely ecstacy,
And even when i wanted a companion,
The only one i cared about was me.

We make our worlds, like God, in our own image.
Mine was a metropolis of stone,
In which all souls were either fools or cynics,
Doomed to take their pleasure on their own.

And then i fell in love with you, and somehow,
Your happiness meant more to me than mine.
The desert became green and lush with flowers,
Like the sun my heart began to shine.
Like a wind i swept across the ocean,
Like a star i exploded into the night,
Like a song i held love in my hands,
And like an angel i knew that this was right.

All that i had thought was proven wrong,
With all the lies to justify my greed.
To love was to embrace the pith of Life,
To feel a joy far stronger than a need.

And if i could so love, i could be loved.
So someone might want me and believe love.
To let another know me without shame,
To give myself and know that i could.

All this i tell you that i might be known,
That all of me will no longer be alone,
And if you do not love the one that i am,
So be it... I may weep, but understand....

Monday, August 14, 2006

Breaking? More like straining!!
Yup... yesterday on 13 augz, means just now if u lokk at the time,..was a great day of pop, locking, breaking, street, and stuff... wow practise until ermmm... almost 12 am till 1... but tat is still early... too bad at tat time I got sick, over dose of energy, high fever and whole body in pain man... but it was a great day with u guys out there, expecially Joel Tan, NicHoLai, and other instructerz....wow.. and hope u guys, my frens could pray 4 me so tat i could heal fast n practise again... thankz.... tomz™

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Have Faith

"I wish you bluebirds in the spring
To give your heart a song to sing
And then a kiss
But more than this I wish you love

And in July a lemonade
To cool you in some leafy glade
I wish you health
And more than wealth

I wish you love
My breaking heart and I agree
That you and I could never be
So with my best, my very best

I set you free*
I wish you shelter from the storm
A cozy fire to keep you warm
But most of all

When snowflakes fall
I wish you love"
such great words yah? : )

Friday, June 23, 2006

Comments on Comments

For the second series of “Comments on Comments”, I’ll tackle the comments and responses that I, honestly, never expected to hear from people. I mean, I’ll always expect praises and flames, but these are the comments and questions that I never really thought I’d read. None of them are bad though!

Comment: “You’re just too young!”
My First Response: “Thank you, except for the ‘too’ part.”Thinking about it: Honestly, I get this comment a lot of times, even outside my blog. If you asked people who’ve met me in person, a lot of them say that my face and my stature give them the impression that I look so old! Well, no big deal to me. My ‘age problem’ only bothers me if and only if they use it as a basis for not listening to what I have to say. Everyone has episodes wherein people didn’t listen to him/her just because they were either ‘too young’ or ‘too old’. When people listen to what I have to say even if they know how ‘young’ I am, I really appreciate that.

Comment: “Can you write my story too?”
My First Response: “but I can’t…”Thinking about it: Some people send me messages telling me that I know how to write a good story, and they would want me to write them an article about their own stories. Honestly, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for me. However, I do believe that there’s nobody in the world that can do a better job at writing your own story than you. No matter how hard I try to write somebody else’s story (unless I was there), the result will never be as good as the result when you do it yourself. If Kimo was alive, or if the Crisis Zone arcade machine could speak, they’d do a better job at making us cry or keeping us on our toes!

Comment: “Can I ask for advice? My situation is like this…”
My First Response: *reads intently*Thinking about it: I’ve gotten a few messages lately that sought advice from me about their own problems. I read them intently and I try to answer them as best as I can. I appreciate the fact that people are willing to blurt out their whole lives to complete strangers, and that appreciation alone gives me enough strength to answer the questions. After all, reading through them would probably take me about ten minutes, and answering their mail would take me another ten. What’s twenty minutes of my time compared to that guy/girl’s whole lifetime? I try my best to answer the questions based on what I think should be done, but I just want to say that I’m really not an expert on problems; I find it hard to solve my own! *laughs*

Comment: “How did you get your blog featured?”
My First Response: “I wish I knew.”Thinking about it: One day, I just went up to my computer to do a little work, and I was so surprised to find that my blog got featured! I don’t know how it happened, or who decided upon it; it just happened. I guess it’s a blessing.

Comment: “What’s your secret in writing your articles?”
My First Response: “I will not tell you!” *evil laugh*Thinking about it: If the people who’re asking this are referring to the spelling and grammar, I’d honestly say that I let Microsoft Word do most of the correcting jobs for me. If you’re referring to my writing style, well, I don’t have a secret. The way I write is the way I speak—dreamy yet solid, realistic yet idealistic, detailed yet straight to the point. Confused?... yeah, I am too. *laughs*

Comment: “Are you taking up a journalism course?”
My First Response: “well, no…”Thinking about it: I don’t really know why I get this question a lot. I’m taking up a degree in Business Management, and the only English words I encounter are books, newspapers and cable TV. But then again, we get lots of English exposure in my business course, because I think a good business requires good communication skills, so I guess that’s it. On the other hand, I do admire lots of journalists, but I guess the words ‘author’ and ‘writer’ appeal to me even more.

Comment: “I admire you for not being afraid whenever you post your opinions.”
My First Response: *sighs*Thinking about it: I don’t really deserve this. Truth be told, I am always afraid to post a new blog entry. I’m always afraid of what people will think and how people will react to the things I say. There are times when I’m afraid to open my messages and read the comments on my blog. Sometimes I just have to force myself to read the comments on my blog, even if there’s the chance that some of them may be negative. I mean, who’d want to hear the message that’s long, but when summarized, say something like “you suck!”, right? However, because I do aspire to become a good writer, I have to get over that fear. I’ll never grow up and mature as a good writer if I’ll always let my fears get ahead of me and prevent me from doing what I love to do. I guess I’ll always be afraid, but with the help of the people who continue to inspire me to write more blog entries (you know who you are!) I’m starting to learn to let that fear inspire me rather than consume me.

Comment: “I’ve read your blog. Pardon me, but I think (insert flame here)…”
My First Response: *reads comment*Thinking about it: I really want to thank the people who send me messages like this. Although they flame me in a certain sense, I’m still very grateful that they go to extreme lengths to show respect. It’s easier to take in messages like this rather than those that start with “Hey, (insert insult here), (insert flame here)…”, and I appreciate their show of respect very much. Again, as I said before, it’s nice to hear criticism from a reader rather than blind insults from somebody who clearly didn’t read!

Comment: “I’m eagerly waiting for ‘Comments on Comments part 2’!”My First Response: *smiles* Thinking about it: Well, here it is! lolz....